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When you live with physical demons

Forgiving does not mean to deny what we have experienced, demons are real and they incarnate on people, and those people, they can be part of your family from earth, people that infiltrate in the spiritual community to gaslight your experience are that: infiltrators, they try to make you feel guilty of accepting what you experienced, that way, you never recover your personal inner power, because there is a part in you, usually your inner child that NEEDS that validation, that what you experienced actually happened, without that, you will never be free.

You don´t need any fake guru to validate what you experienced, only you and God know what you experienced. God will help you to accept all that happened, and then fill you with unconditional love, you will experience unconditional love for the very first time.

Some of the most powerful souls incarnate with demons in the bodies of parents (mostly to help them with the DNA), sometimes they forget and live a life of self-gaslighting. Sometimes they can be siblings, we even have biblical stories that include rape from brothers. And, also, stepparents that are benefiting from the DNA through your earthly parents, when they are demons, of course they are not going to greet you, most possibly they are going to make their lives hell and so yours, they don´t know different, they came from hell, they don’t know heaven.

Ask God for protection, a way out, and validate yourself, your experience, and your inner child, if you have experienced this that means you are super powerful and that means that you are highly psychic, use that for your protection. (Once I started to move things on the house with my mind to freak my mom and her partner on duty out lol, now I don´t do those things, you don´t need to do this).

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