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The path of enlightenment and why sometimes you don´t manifest what you want

So, manifestation is based on the law that says that when we are a match for something we are going to create it, that thing has to manifest in our reality, and that is true, then, why a lot of us we can´t manifest what we want, and this is so common in people that are in high spiritual paths that it seems almost impossible to manifest maybe money, maybe healing, there is always something that is off, so, to understand why this happens and how to solve it, we need to first understand that the reason why manifestation does not work is because there is some sort of duality which means that we are a match for something but at the same time we are a match for something else and these two things are kind of opposite, so, for example, you want to manifest money, but you are also on a kundalini ascension and you are on the path of enlightenment, then, what happens is that your deepest desire from your heart and what you are a match for is enlightenment, being one with source and then if the thing that you are trying to manifest is not a match with that, you are not going to manifest it, for example, maybe if you were to manifest the money then you would miss the self-love and source embodiment lesson, because you were trying to manifest money in order to externally create something that you can´t create from the inner for example security, happiness, a sense of purpose, filling an empty cup, and so on, which means that you were looking externally for something, which means that you are perceiving yourself as separated.

So, if you want to manifest something, that thing must be in alignment with you being at oneness, which means that your priority is to connect with source, to work on your christ consciousness and start to feel that everything is inside yourself, because it is trust me with this.

It is important to feel the essence of source and from there, realize that source or god does not want you to struggle, to don´t have money, etc, we have programs from past lives of sacrifice that god wants us to struggle so that we are worthy or we can feel it, but that is our ego, source is oneness, we see a reflection of our inner state and that is all, if we want to struggle so that we are worthy we are granted that this is going to happen, but we can choose to focus every day on our source embodiment and choose to live on a reality in which source wants us to learn from love, to be in oneness implies that we are living our divine blueprint and when we are living our divine blueprint is perfect and nothing is missing and is perfect for ourselves , not for the vision of others you know. We want to feel oneness and when we are in union with source, we manifest our divine source blueprint our “destiny” and destiny is expansive, if you associate the word destiny with sacrifices or contraction, you want to check your connection with source and your embodiment of your essence, here I can recommend you mi divine source blueprint activation.

When we seek for external validation, we are feeling separated, because when we know we are one we expect nothing from the outer because as we are part of the same, we know we are granted everything.

You want very deeply to attain Christ consciousness so it is best to focus on your connection with, and embodiment of source, because then, you know and you live from that state and source always wants you to live your desires the desires from your heart not from your ego , so when you see something that you feel is your destiny it is because it is, but often there are blocks and your soul is guiding you first to live from this christ consciousness because that is your deepest desire and manifesting something in the moment maybe money will not allow you to learn something regarding your connection with source and then you don’t manifest the money but it’s not that god does not want you to have money or that you are not meant to have money, so the sooner you live from this state of oneness with source, the sooner you can manifest.

Sometimes people talk about the law of attraction, and they manifest everything they want because they are not on the enlightenment path at least at that moment and then, everything they want they actually manifest it and then they think that is the same for everyone and a bunch of super spiritual people then they can’t manifest and they feel that something is wrong with them.

The unworthiness that we can feel when everyone seems to have something and we can’t, this feeling helps us a lot with oneness and with the connection to source and if we were to just manifest that same thing this trip, this car, the house we would miss the opportunity of finding this worthiness just because we are, and the connection to source and is not that you are not meant to have the car but if you are on the path of enlightenment, you want to prioritize being a living embodiment of source, finding everything inside yourself, and then everything just manifests in the external but out of joy, not because you need those things, they are just more of the gifts from source because you found the greatest gift inside yourself.

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