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Creating a safe space for LYRANS and the core wound of homeless

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We associate Lyrans with higher wisdom and sovereignty, but, when we have a big lyran component in our soul records and galactic origins, usually before we are able to integrate this aspects, we have a challenging time on earth.

This can manifest in different ways, like feeling that you were left “alone” on this earth, a lot of times we incarnate literally alone, far from our soul family, in not really safe environments, with none (or almost none) family members (or healthy family members), a community, even a house; or we experience a lot of instability regarding home, physical houses, and we have to find our safe home inside ourselves , lyran trauma can be so big, I talk about this because I have lot of alignments to Lyra, it is my most ancient origin, so, some of this specific challenges had been the biggest ones in this incarnation, also, it is what I have observed in other people with this lyran essence, the core wound of feeling that earth is not a safe place and that you do not have a physical place to call home.

Besides this, a lot of times part of our path involves helping beings that do not have a physical safe home, for example, I spent some years helping with buildings spaces, houses and communities for people that did not have a house, or improving the ones they had, another example might be people that work in shelters, rescuing animals, and so on, because, one of this things that particularly hurt us is the fact that there are, on this earth, people, kids, animals, beings without a house, without a family who loves them, without a place to call “home”.

As we lost our main homes on Lyra, which were destroyed by Dracos, (also because of inner lyran wars, so, not just Dracos), we have been exploring new places, and a lot of us are now helping on earth and we know that soon we will be with our lyran soul family again, because yes, most of Lyrans are not coming back to earth in their next lifetime, do you feel like that?

Our biggest soul lesson is sovereignty!, also learn that we are actually safe, and that our home is where our soul is really, usually we live from our inner divine masculine since childhood, because we need that in order to survive, then, we embody also our inner divine feminine and find this balance.

So much love for all lyrans <3

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