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Disclosure & Spiritual Science
12 stargates of Amenti

12 stargates of Amenti

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Disclosure Videos
I am sharing some of the videos that could be deleted from my youtube channel, in the meantime as I hope to have another platform for videos in the future.
These are basic videos for disclosure and for these times.

They manipulate you thourgh your DNA







They manipulate you thourgh sexual assault and shame

DNA and vaccines
The technology behind the COV. vaccines is AI, and nano technology, it works through your DNA, you can not cleanse from the V´s with only herbs, energy healing, supplements and similar things.
Thanks to how DNA works, if you did not get a vaccine, you still are subject to certain effects of the V, through people that you have shared DNA with, and even more just because of living on earth, because everyone that got the V start to spread it (of course without them being aware) and there are invisible (for the physical eye) structures of nano techonologies thanks to the Vs.

Technologies in ancient pyramids
Stargates vs Portals
Starseed DNA
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