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Divine source blueprint & kundalini sovereignty (you don´t need to wait for your twin flame to live

I am going to share with you about what is the divine source blueprint, my experience from hell dimensions to heaven dimensions and I am going to talk about twin flames because when you are a twin flame themes become bigger, but this is important for everyone, especially if you are purifying yourself if you experienced a kundalini awakening, if sometimes you have this feeling like you can´t breathe, you feel stagnant, depressed or you feel like you don´t have control over what is being manifested in your reality and you don´t like what you see or at the same time you try to manifest and control and is stressful.

So, my kundalini awakening started a long time ago, but when I had my actual twin flame awakening I experienced a high kundalini rising and I was living like in 5d on earth, feeling this deep love and compassion there was a feeling that was so high but peaceful, and then all of that disappeared I was in separation with my twin and I started to experience actually hell dimensions that is something common in twin flames, and then through pain and not knowing what to do, feeling that I was unable to breath like even though I practice breathwork I still had this feeling like I was drowning and I realized that this was not that much about my twin, because sometimes even twin flames in union experience hell dimensions because we are purifying, so I learned about kundalini sovereignty, which is connecting with your inner source and embodying your divine source blueprint so that you can purify yourself completely and you just flow into your blueprint and experience all that you are meant to experience in this lifetime, without being attached to what your twin flame or the other aspect of your soul is doing, because if you don´t do this kind of exercises you both become trapped in pain you feel your twin´s pain and you then feel more pain and is like a loop of pain and stagnant energy and I know that you don´t want that.

I had this feeling that conventional ways of healing from people that were not in a hard kundalini awakening or even twin flame dynamic were not completely helping me , the same with manifestation techniques, because the inner separation was being manifested in the outer, my kundalini was in my crown and I had beautiful moments of enlightenment and then I was living hell on earth because I was purifying.

So, we have a source which is pure in consciousness and we are part of that consciousness, but we are affected by our lower experiences in this dimension, so our channels need to be purified so that we can experience the beautiful source consciousness instead of a distorted consciousness that results from our distorted channels, so when we purify our channels, our kundalini rises and the more we purify, the more we are able to live from source consciousness which is a purified consciousness because it is the organic or natural consciousness without the distortions.

So we have this inner source and connection with source and from this source we are just living from a perfect blueprint that is in this source and I mean, source is also a state of being, when you purify enough, you start to live from that blueprint which means that you are open for everything that is for you to experience and embody, so this can manifest in different aspects, but is basically you living your potential, your blueprint, which can manifest as you living from your mission on earth, you being with your twin flame in union, you being healthy, having more money, feeling peace, beautiful friendships, and this is different for everyone, and is super simple to understand when you are vibrating from a state of being that is of source of your source blueprint you naturally attract all the experiences, states of being and realities that are a match with you living from that state of being, and you don´t need to control every step, and you also don´t feel like you are a victim of god´s will or other´s will because you understand that this is only about your embodiment of source.

I received this divine source blueprint technique which consists of a map with specific symbols and light language, tones, energy healing, breathwork and it worked wonders for me, i am not going to lie at the beginning was hard because with the activation everything that was out of alignment was shown to me even stronger than before, so I had to work kind of quickly with that but it was like a week of challenges and then peace, love, inspiration, I didn´t have more this feeling of separation, and my life has been accommodating, also, this has an instant effect , but it´s algo progressive so you are going to be guided to make some changes in your life to take some actions and it is up to you if you feel that guidance or not, but you are going to receive clarity about your next steps and the energy to take that steps, so this is quantum you receive the effects of this in time, months after that you will keep receiving the balance and healing and guidance of this healing session.

You can purchase the workshop HERE

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