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How to know if someone is your Twin Flame

The Twin flame relationship is one of a really specific kind.

This is a summary of twin flame and relationship dynamics, like "twin flames 101", i am writing this from all my love, but also, without sugar-coating it. So, if you met someone and you are wondering if this person is your twin flame:

1)If you have not have your kundalini awakening yet, you are not in presence of a twin flame.

2)If you recently had an consciuousness awakening (or third eye awakening) that person that you think might be your twin flame is not, most probably, this is a pre twin flame (also called false twin flame, you got the idea :) )

3)If you are with someone that is treating you poorly and your self love is at a low point right now, this person is not your twin flame (this person might be an initiator of some kind, and even a narcissistic person).

4)If you met this person and experienced an heart chakra awakening, this person is a heart catalyst for you, then, this person might or might not be your twin flame, this is the most tricky when it comes to twin flames, so i made a post about this HERE.

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