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Galactic Priestess Bundle

The most complete starseed galactic origins reading! 

Here we are going to go deeper in an harmonious way blending Galactic Astrology, 15 dimensional Akashic Records (Spiritual Science) and Quantum Regression
so that you can get to know your origins as backed up by the STARS and the more technical, also by the AKASHIC RECORDS, from information coming from your higher aspects (usually avatar aspect) about your DNA and each of your galactic aspects per dimension (of 15 dimensions) plus you can EMBODY some of your aspects and retrieve gifts plus healing through the quantum regression to some of the lives and worlds that are important for you right now.

How this works?
I am going to work in your galactic astrology plus akashic records behind the scenes, then I am going to send you the written report so that you can read it, then we are going to schedule the quantum regression (Via Zoom) in which I am going to guide you into a specific Galactic Regression so that you are going to experience one, two or three galactic lives and we are going to ask your related questions (up to then) to your higher aspects.
Then we are going to wrap up and I am going to send you a final written report including what we got in the regression!
I have been reading galactic akashic records and holding space for quantum regressions for two years app and doing galactic astrology readings for some months, I am a devotee Galactic Priestess and student of spiritual science.

My mission is that at the end of this service you can feel CONFIDENT in yourself, knowing who you are, why you are here, where you are going, and feel SOVEREIGN AND POWERFUL FROM YOUR HEART, living to your POTENTIAL as angelic human, starseed, priestess, and so on.
The price for these 3 sessions together would be of 642 usd, but by purchasing this bundle you can have all of them by 555 usd plus the benefit of a reading that is designed to blend the three of them in a way so that you get the most benefit and clarity of it, without having to put the puzzle pieces together by yourself.
You can purchase it here:
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