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Quantum Hypnosis

Do you feel that you would like to connect with your higher self deeply? so that you can receive guidance at any moment when you need it

Do you feel this calling to explore more of your consciousness, your past/parallel lifes in a safe space?

Do you have some questions that you can not find the answer, but, at the same you know that some where, in your soul this answers are available!

If this is you, this session is a perfect match.

I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, this is a hypnosis technique that was inspired by the technique created by Dolores Cannon (qhht) with some changes.

When i had my first session I received so much guidence, some of my deepest questions were answered not just in the session, but also after! weeks later I kept receiving specific answers and guidance! I also remembered a really special past life and received activations related with this rememberance, and, at the end of the session some healing that was so powerful, I know that this sessions can change people´s lifes. 

People usually connect with source, they receive specific healing and sometimes they tell me that they feel as if they were reborn!

After this session you are going to be able to find clarity about your path, align more with your soul essence, connect stronger with your higher self, receive some answers and receive healing.


"Thank you Valeria
I felt very, very well cared for during the session, as if literally supported by a little angel. This space of intimacy and potentiality was just what I needed at this moment, it has recharged my energy, now I feel a lot of strength and joy. I remembered the goddess I am in a few hours!" Júlia de Quadras

This is a regression in which i am going to hold space for your and guide you in a magic journey!, in this session you will see and experience some of your past/parallel lives and also receive answers to your specific questions by your higher self, also, you are going to receive healing and balancing energies from your guides team.

Here you can ask about anything! Common questions and themes are:

Your purposse, lifes in other star systems, relationships, blockages, health, paranormal experiences, abductions and so on.

This session is a consciousness exploration and a space in which anything can happen, i mean, whatever your higher self knows is perfect for you in that moment!, so, the best advice is to let go of any expectations about how this session should develop. 

By this session, you are going to be able to deepen your relationship with your higher self and, eventually, embody it.

We start this session with a breathwork exercise so that you can change your brainwave state, then we start with an induction and visualization, and when you are in a receptive state you will start telling me what you are experiencing and i am going to be guiding you through all this journey to get the most of it!

*It is recommended that you have 5-7 days to prepare yourself before the session


Send me 5 to 12 questions that you want your higher self to answer

Light eating previous days

Regular meditation practice

Believe that you CAN connect with your higher self

If you are a recurring caffeine consumer you want to limit it (not eliminate it completely)

The day of the session:

You want to be in a comfortable place, in a bed or couch, with your computer, knowing that you are not going to be disrupted, you also need headphones and a glass with water, it is also important that i am able to see your eyes during the session, and you want to have access to a bathroom during the session.

Price: 222 usd, 3 to 4 hours zoom call

Frequently asked questions:

1)Is this dangerous? I am going to lose control?

This is a completely safety technique, you are not going to be hypnotized in the suggestion meaning, people usually are in deep alpha brainwaves or delta brainwaves, usually it is experienced as if our consciousness is observing from another angle.

2)Is it mandatory to be able to visualize?

no! there are many ways by which you can perceive and express what is happening! at the beginning of the session we are going to explore which of your ESP is more developed!

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