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Galactic Astrology Soul Reading (standard reading)


Do you resonate with some of this?:

-I would like to connect more with my cosmic soul family, i do not know exactly who they are, which dates are better for meditation with them.

-I have felt alone on earth, like no one is overseeing my incarnation here.

-I have had some experiences with other wordly beings in dreams or another kind of guidance, but I am not clear about who they are, how am I supposed to use this inner knowing in my day to day...

-I feel like I am here on a mission, but I do not know how to align with this mission, which are my gifts from other lifetimes.

Thanks to galactic astrology, I have managed to expand the galactic lineage readings to new races, while I used to be focused mainly on Pleiades, Orion, Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, among others, now, I have added many more, including Hyades, Hadar, Tau Ceti, Fomelhault, Draco and others.

I have done some hundreds of galactic readings (previously using akashic records and galactic heritage oracle cards) and now, I am also a certified Galactic Astrology Soul Reading practitioner, i feel passionate about helping people like you to remember more of their galactic origins, lifes in different star systems, how to connect with their cosmic family and how to apply all this information in a day to day basis.

With this reading you are going to gain more validation about some star connections that you already intuit that you have, also more clarity about the path that your soul have been following, different missions that you have been on, in different star system, you are going to feel more connected to your cosmic family and source, and more confident about who you are and expressing your essence and true colors in this lifetime!


More about this reading



Also, through astrology we can explore the specific stars of each star system. Different alignments are going to be representing different ways of interacting with each star system, for example, you might have incarnated or just visited an star system, we are diving deep into this.If you want to know about a specific star that catches your eye, I can do the math and tell you if it's aligned somewhere in your birth chart and what kind of alignment it is.


In this comprehensive reading, I am going to use akashic records reading and galactic astrology to explore your galactic origin, the path you followed incarnating, visiting different star systems, your missions 

I also review the theme of your soul´s evolution with your lunar nodes, your mission on earth now, themes related with karma and challenges (this 3 are summarized, if you then want to explore them more in detail you can buy "second time reading". 

I include the specific dates for you to connect with your cosmic family based in your astrology chart and your specific alignments.

Why is it important to know the exact days to connect with your cosmic soul family:

The influence of various Fixed stars that you identified in your chart will be the strongest when a star is in a transit, in alignment to our Sun, Moon, or other planets in our solar system. Especially Conjunct and Opposition alignments tend to have a strong energy influence. These are the days when soul memories from those stars system can be 'spontaneously' or easier retrieved.

On any other days, outside of these alignments, it can be harder for us to experience a strong connection with our Star family based in other star systems.

List of all that is included:

-Your frequency now and in the last time

-Soul color

-General soul origin (from 15D downwards)

-Galactic origins (most anciest origin, incharnations, visits, missions)

-Galactic soul connections (collectives you have related with, cosmic family)

-Body type, densities and more details about your galactic lives

-Chronology of your soul´s history outside of earth

-Your main guides and collectives, councils you work with

-Some relevant past lives on earth

-Percentage of service to others in other lives and this one

-Where were you before this life

-Gifts from star systems, karma from star systems, challenges related with your starseeds origins

-Your lunar nodes and main theme of your soul

-Your specific dates to connect with your cosmic family

-Advice: how to embody more certain star frequencies, what to focus in to embody more of your soul and potential 

*I use placidus house system

My Reading includes beings and themes as are:

Lyran founders (Aramatena, vega and Aveyon)

Zeta Ret. beings, Draco, Hydra, Auriga

Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda

Different bird tribes, Altair, Cygnus 

Hyades, Hadar, Nihal, Fomalhaut, Antares, Aldebaran, Regulus, Pleiades, Arcturus, Procyon

Different beings from Lyra, Andromeda, Orion, Sirius  in detail

And more, plus my deep knowledge of galactic history and spiritual science

This is a written report of approximately 15 pages. that i will send to your e-mail box

Once you buy this, you need to send me this information:

Complete Name

Date (MM/DD/YYY) of birth, exact time of birth (specify if it is AM or PM), the city where you were born and also if you moved, the city you lived in now and how much time you have lived there.

your photo with eyes visible with no one else in it & your main intention for the session.

Please send this to

Investment is 290 usd

**If you had an old galactic heritage reading with me before (see here what I mean), you can write to and ask for your coupon for a 10 percent discount for this session.

1) This option is offline, i am going to send you your report of about 15 pages

Comparative with all my galactic sessions

Reassurance on having your reading with Valeria:

I believe if you are here, your soul already resonates with my work, here are just some reasons that will reassure you to work with me:

-I am a purified vessel and akashic records reader, I went through kundalini awakening and enlightenment, I work with God in your readings.

-I work with embodiment (as a priestess), my readings are not only coming from mind, but from my womb, this means, my readings are grounded which is what leads to extremely accurate readings, instead of the ungrounded ones.

-I have spent years learning through courses, books, my readings of clients and the records plus extra research, about: galactic history, star systems, astrology, galactic beings, spiritual science, dimensions and similar topics.

-I want your reading to be as accurate as you want it to be, for this is one of the main missions God has commanded to me <3

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