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Galactic origins and galactic heritage for starseeds

If you have been wondering where did you come from, why, who is your cosmic family that is overseeing you and how to contact them, this is your place!

In the past years I did some hundreds of galactic heritage readings, using Lissa Royal´s galactic cards and my akashic readings, serving the spanish speaking collective. 

That helped me and hundreds of beautiful people to gain a deeper understading of galactic heritage, now i am glad to include galactic astrology, this uses fixed stars and it is a beautiful validation and confirmation of that which we see in soul records


"Thank you very much, the truth is that I am in tears. I have looked for guidance everywhere and my origin and what you give me is not only information that is priceless for me, it is one more step to feel safe with my path. I know I don't belong here on earth but sometimes it's so hard and you get lost. Thanks for the recommendations, they are wonderful." Daniela Muñoz

"Hello, I wanted to tell you about the dream I had after reading your reading and to incorporate step by step the information that has been given to me, despite the fact that I have been able to meditate very little because I am never alone at home and work takes up practically my entire day, however, at night before going to sleep I ask for assistance to remember, it was then that days after reading my reading of galactic lineage I had a very vivid dream, I think I was not in this dimension, I was on a moss green planet, of black starry sky, my skin was blue or that feeling it gave me, I was walking, rather starting from something that was water, but it had the color of a heavy metal and it was like a lagoon that was chasing us every time we advanced, I was protecting a little girl with white skin and blond-brown hair with curls, she was about 4 or 5 years old, she was wearing a white dress, she seemed to be human, and she was advancing a few steps ahead of me, but both starting from this I chased us I was going, and at one point I turned around to face this thing and yelled "enough!!! Love you!!! and I love myself, I love myself, I love myself!!!" and I extended my arms to the sky and when I heard my voice, it was male, and when I realized this, I returned to my reality or so it felt because I began to see transposed geometric figures one with another and they were spinning like a giant spiral, I opened my eyes and my body was lying face up, my chakras or their energy was all circulating through my body, I was very full pumping them and if I still closed my eyes I could see the figures, and then I calmed down and I felt as if I was coming out of a very large energy field and it felt like a kind of giant magnet went from my feet to my head and I came out, and I lay there for a long time trying to interpret what was it and then just giving into the feeling without putting so much mind into it, it was nice, it was weird.
  I am still working on the reading that you gave me and I am very grateful to her, for your work and dedication too, I have felt entities that have approached me every time I give remote therapies, I practice Reiki a lot at a distance and how I open portals of energy to heal through them, I ask for protection, however I feel more the presence of higher entities when I am in my own meditation phase after having given reiki, it is nice, before it used to be a little scary, but not anymore I feel like this, I know that the energy that I attract is of love or is directed from love, because it is what it feels like to connect with the universal source and it is beautiful.
Thank you very much in advance, I send you many hugs of light and I hope you can reach more people who want to know and discover beyond what is evident in this plane." Francis Gutierrez

Why should we complement different ways of galactic origins reading?

Astrology is the most exact way and it is a beautiful physical confirmation or validation, but, in some cases astrology is not enough, that is why I like to also complement it with akashic records (I use 12D- avatar level readings) and also with what you have received! maybe in dreams, meditations, and see, how it relates with your astrological chart.

There are many reasons why some soul origins or star nations that interact with humanity cannot be traced to a physical place right now. It could be because some originated in other galaxies that we do not yet know about, also, there is the fact of our parallel universes, planets that were destroyed, some are hybrids living long term on spaceships, also, also, it is really important to know the soul history because some beings started in some place and then moved to another star systems, for example, lyrans, besides Lyra you can find lyrans in Cassiopeia, Cygnus and so on. Also, sometimes you just visited a star system but did not incarnated there, for example, you might have an alignment to Altair but you never had an altarian body, because you went on a mission with your bird humanoid body from another place.

Also, if you want to complement your astrological reading deepening more into one or more than one of the star systems that we found, you can have an Quantum Hypnosis Regression to experience yourself more in detail this lifetimes and also, to heal any karma of this star systems, to retrieve your gift and gain more clarity! CLICK HERE

My different services <3
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