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Standard Galactic Astrology + 15D Avatar records reading

Why would you like to take this two at the same time?

This two services are so complementary of each other, the 15D avatar records readings is a deep specific reading of your 15D records, i mean with this that i explore generally each of 15 dimensions to see any remarkable incharnations there, also i go deeper into your DNA strands, councils and collectives and more.

If we complement this with the astrology reading we can cross information in a beautiful way! Knowing your specific alignments and the extras I wound exploring dimension by dimension.

I created this pack as a discounted price if you want to do both at the same time!

If you eventually want to have this two reports, but you have to choose one to start, I recommend you start with galactic astrology report!

With this reading you are going to learn about your fixed stars alignments plus the state of your galactic aspects on the 12 or 15 dimensions, plus which is your DNA type, potential of strands to activate, how is your DNA doing, which strand you are assambling, and the same for your merkaba.

Discounted price: 380 usd
Buy here:
Comparative with all my Galactic Sessions
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