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For this specific session i connect with your avatar being, this means the part of you that resides at 10, 11 and 12 dimension to find out more about you, in this I see important versions of you in each of the 15 dimension (this is more general than galactic astrology), i also focus in you DNA, if you are indigo and DNA strands, so that you can get more of your potential.

For this I use all my knowledge in spiritual science, DNA,  how this universe of 15 dimension works.

You can read more about the 15 dimensions of this universe HERE.

15 dimension akashic records avatar self reading

Avatar records reading includes:

Important lives of yours in each of 12 dimensions (including Seraphim, Elohim, Aramatena, Emerald order and more) plus the state of those aspects, level of integration for example of your pleadian being, gifts, karma related with that aspect.

15 Dimension sound and light fields ancient origin (if it applies)

Councils and guides you work with 

Indigo and which type

DNA: number of activated strands, potential of strands you came with, which are you activating now

State of your merkaba

12 original tribes

Past lives on earth 

Part of your mission on earth

Your current frequency level

Stargates that you used to came here

If you signed for actual ascension

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