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For this specific session I connect with your avatar self, this means the part of you that resides at 10, 11 and 12 dimension to find out more about you, in this I see important versions of you in each of the 15 dimensions, I also focus in you DNA, if you are indigo and DNA strands, so that you can get more of your potential, I am going to tell you about your DNA group, the potential of strand activation that you have (12, less than 12 and remedy, or more than 12 for indigos).

For this I use all my knowledge in spiritual science, DNA,  how this universe of 15 dimension works. I will connect to your avatar self to get your highest wisdom, your akashic records, plus I work with the Guardians, which are collectives of beings that brought us deep knowledge and structures when it comes to spiritual science. I share more about this on my youtube.

You can read more about the 15 dimensions of this universe HERE.

15D Cosmic Akashic Records

15 D Cosmic Akashic Records: Avatar records reading includes:

-Important galactic lives of yours on each of 12 dimensions (including Seraphim, Elohim, Aramatena, Emerald order and more) plus the state of those aspects, level of integration for example of your pleadian being, gifts, karma related with that aspect.

-State of your 12 inner stargates; each galactic and universal stargates  have its equivalent in our bodies, I talk about that in THIS VIDEO, how healthy is each inner stargate and which galactic/starseed aspects they are associated with, what is that aspect dealing with, the blockage, gift, percentage of integration inyourself, lives of yours in specific planets like venus and how that relates to those stargates.

-15 Dimension sound and light fields ancient origin (if it applies)

-Councils and guides you work with 

-Indigo and which type

-DNA: number of activated strands, potential of strands you came with, which strand are you activating now, state of the assembling between DNA strands.

-State of your merkaba, rotation, and which phase you are working on.

-12 original tribes, which one you were first incarnated on and your related past lives, plus how this relates to the stargate that you are guarding.

-Past lives on earth 

-Part of your mission on earth

-Your current frequency level

-Stargates that you used to came here

-If you signed for actual ascension

Difference between this and galactic astrology is that with galactic astrology I work more in detail with alignments on your chart, while here I ask about other aspects of yourself in the 12 or 15 dimensions, I check the state of different aspects from each dimension (or group of dimensions aka densities), how integrated they are, if you have karma related, gifts that you could be using.

This session is particularly important, as we need to know how our DNA is doing, the same with merkaba for ascension, for our psychic gifts to work properly, also, our starseed aspects have their equivalent on our physical body, which means that by healing and integrating those aspects, that also contributes to the healing of one of our layers of the body

I highly recommend you to complement this session with the galactic astrology reading, you can find this pack at discount here

Price of this session: 222 usd, this is a complete written report with the state of your different aspects and how you can integrate them more.

Thanks to this report you are going to be able to fully integrate your aspects on the 12-15 dimensions and to understand yourself better at a multidimensional level, making choices from that point of embodiment and understanding, plus having the security and deep knowledge on how your inner dynamics of DNA, stargates, merkaba are working and what specifically, you need to improve, change, heal, integrate and more.

*I do not answer in this session questions about your Galactic Chart.
**After the report is delivered you have 3 days to ask questions, questions can only be about clarity regarding something that I said, not new questions, if you have a specific galactic question that you want me to answer, please include it after you booked your session!
***You have to send me your complete name and a photo of your self for the reading (the photo is not mandatory).

Comparative with all my Galactic Sessions
Do you want to learn how to offer this exact type of reading to your clients?
You can take my 15D Cosmic Akashic Records Certification in which I teach you step by step, you can join the course at any moment, the sooner you enter, the sooner you will have access to the Q&A sessions to come.
Learn more about the course HERE
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