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This galactic astrology report is an overview of your main star systems aspects, your most ancient origin and some of the star system you incarnated in, this is a basic explanation of your main alignments. This report is good option if you are not ready to invest in the standard version!

Do you resonate with some of this?:

-I would like to connect more with my cosmic soul family, i do not know exactly who they are, which dates are better for meditation with them.

-I have felt alone on earth, like no one is overseeing my incarnation here.

-I have had some experiences with other wordly beings in dreams or another kind of guidance, but I am not clear about who they are, how am I supposed to use this inner knowing in my day to day...

-I feel like I am here on a mission, but I do not know how to align with this mission, which are my gifts from other lifetimes.

This reading includes:

Explanation of your main alignments to star systems, which is your most ancient origin, and in which ones you incarnated and visited.

Numer of pages: app 5

Once you buy this, you need to send me this information:

Complete Name

Date (MM/DD/YYY) of birth, exact time of birth (specify if it is AM or PM), the city where you were born and also if you moved, the city you lived in now and how much time you have lived there.

your photo with eyes visible with no one else in it and your main intention for the chart!

Please send this to

*this is a written report that i will send to your mail box

Galactic Astrology report
Buy here:
Comparative with all my galactic sessions
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