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Venusian Guidance

There are specific dates in which Venus enters alignment with different star systems, they interact with Venus in a specific way, some of those interactions are more harmonic than others, in my experience, the interaction (conjunction) of Venus and Andromeda & Venus and Pleiades is very powerful, in those specific portals and specific days we receive the opportunity to connect with Venus, Andromeda and the Pleiades at the same time, if you attune to those portals you can receive specific blessings that most people miss out! The opportunity to heal and improve specific (divine feminine) aspects of your life.
In the Free Guide I will share with you the specific dates of alignments of Venus with different specific star systems of Andromeda (for example Almach) and different star systems from the Pleiades, all the 7 sisters (for example Maia), plus, what happens when Venus interacts with Andromeda, and what happens when Venus interacts with Pleiades so that you can take advantage of those portals, I am sharing dates for 2024 and 2025 (which are different as Venus moves diferently). Complete the form below, send and then click where it says "download HERE"

Receive the Free guide

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Galactic portals with Venus are very different from the ones of the Sun (that I often share on my instagram) if you want to work with the frequency of Venus this is for you! <3 
If you already work with Venus and want to dive deeper on different star systems as a starseed this is for you as well.

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