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Galactic Priestesses and Venus: Masterclass

Awaken the Venusian frequency in you

Dear starseed, do you feel that there is more, that you could go deeper in your spiritual journey? Do you feel like touching a glass roof?

You now that you are meant to make a living from your mission, shine, embody your full potential as a starseed, as a priestess, come back to life as it was on temples, with rituals, honoring the feminine.

But maybe you don´t know your next step, you are playing small, you are afraid of going too deep, or you feel like you don´t have the codes.

Here is where I enter, and why we (As a Venusian collective) crafted this experience for you, so you can start to access the venusian codes, the codes of the rose (she es always going to allow you to receive just up to what feels right to her).

I serve as a galactic priestess, I am an embodied starseed and priestess on the earth, I have been working with the pink rose, which helped me to live completely from my soul mission, everyday feels sacred, I know that I am living my potential and divine blueprint, and I want the same for you.

People that work with me usually say something like this: “Lately I feel like I found what I was looking for, a new world is opening before my eyes, something that is completely different to what I have experienced.”

That is because I proudly live in a different world, a world in which I am in direct connection to venus, to source, I live from my soul mission and express my creativity every day, I have devoted my life to HER, she is so sacred to be defined, if you have experienced her, you know what I am talking about, if you want to start experiencing her, this masterclass is a good starting point.

This journey together happened live 

from September 1st to September 3rd at 12pm EST, you can now access the recordings and still receive activations.

Venusians have taught me that initiations always go in threes, if you complete these 3 days, you are going to be activated into a new aspect of yourself at the end of it, maybe it is time to live from your mission and leave the job you don´t like, maybe it is time to embody that divine feminine that you are, maybe it is time to go deeper as a starseed without the fear of being judged, alone, etc.

The experience:

Day 1: Galactic Priestesses and Venus: Lemuria

Day 2: Galactic Priestesses and Venus: Atlantis

Day 3: Galactic Priestess & Venusian Ritual


Thank you! You will receive an e-mail

Some of our themes:
lunar and solar mysteries of venus, galactic body prayer, ritual and more. Celebrating Venus coming out of retrograde, experiencing lunar and solar frequencies, stars in Lemuria vs in Atlantis and more.


*This was taught in english, spanish captions available.

**Upon registration you are going to receive one recording per day during 3 days, also some e-mails with teachings about galactic priestesses and the galactic rose. Try to take your time, app 2 hours per day for the recording, they include embodiment practices, so be ready to move a little! They also include transmissions, so you can relax and receive.
***Please use your best email for registration (gmail is preferred), weird emails sometimes don´t receive my mails. 

with love,


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