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Twin flame shared akashic records

I used to believe that twin flames were a toxic kind of relationship, that I did not want it, but the thing is that, you do not consciously choose to meet your twin flame! you both share the same soul, and when soul knows you are ready, you meet!

This was a huge awakening for me and I had so many doubts, a lot happened to me, including also my kundalini energy moving and purging everything that was not in alignment, having all this doubts I was guided to this shared akashic records, by doing this I was able to find some peace about this journey and to check our progress.

You can read more about twin flames in my blog.

This is a shared space between you and your twin flame, so, this respects free will of both of you, and give you access to all that is available for you both to know at this moment.

I know how delicate this can be, so, rest assure knowing that this session is completely confidential.

I felt that I met my twin flame, i started my kundalini rising, my heart chakra has been opening, but I have so many questions, I want some guidance...

Do you resonate with this?





With twin flames a lot of times things are not as it seems, for example, I knew that we had some joint negative karma, but it seemed strange to me because I also knew that it was not from past lifes on earth, nor fights between us or anything like that, and, by doing this exploration, it turned out to be some karma coming from an excessive loving attachment between us in Hyades (Taurus constellation), which is the most recent star system we were together before coming to earth, and, on a soul level we chose a time of separation in this lifetime to work with this attachments. So, I really encourage you to dive depper.

With this reading  we can check:

If you already met your twin flame (on a higher self level and physical if it appliles)

If you have shared galactic, past lives

If you have shared karma that is preventing union.

Your lives in other star systems that are relevant, and how was that experience.

The level of progress made in this connection at this point (and the level of progress you agreed to be at for meeting of being in union).

Heart chakra and kundalini rising progress.

If you have vows that are preventing union. 

What is blocking your union.

If are there dark forces preventing your union.

Important lives (past lives, on another star systems) that are relevant for this relationship.

Your mission together. 

Timing factors. 

Condition of your shared energetic field.

Percentage of soul integration (remember, you are one soul).

Price: 160 usd, 1:30 hour zoom call

Please notice, this session is completely judgment free (As all my sessions), but I am going to tell you what I am seeing in your records, not what you want to hear, so please, be prepared! 

Learn more about twin flames!
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