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Quantum Balance
(breathwork+light language+reiki)

I have felt some unbalance in my life

I have been feeling some disconnection with my body

I have been feeling some specific blockages in my energetic centers and/or specific areas of my life

I have been feeling out of flow, out of alignment

I have been feeling resistance, some intense emotions

My breath is shallow, uncomfortable, out of rhythm

Do you resonate with some of this?

This is actually common, with the day to day rhythm, sometimes we forget to pay attention to our breath, our body, our energetic body and something feels off.

I work with reiki, light language and breathwork, i am also a certified breath coach, i believe that our breath is one of our most powerful tools, and we all have access to her!


In this session we are going to check each of your energetic centers and work with each one for you to be in balance.

I am going to channel light language and reiki energies for you (i work with arcturian-sirian energies for this) and also, guide you in specific breathwork exercises. 

You are going to enter into an energetic  healing chamber and we are going to also activate anything that is in your cellular structure that is ready to be activated in you.

Your higher self is going to guide us in this healing session.

This session is in zoom and lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, the session is then recorded so you can watch it!

After this session you are going to feel in balance, connection with your body, with your breath, more aligned with your inner rhythm and more empowered about how to deal with resistance and some emotions.

A frequency of sound is a snapshot of a particular DNA vibration

We can broadcast the essence of life by our breath and sound, the sound of every soul is different!, the sound that manifests is always different in each of my sessions!

Yet, i believe we all share one breath!

Every tiny aspect of a given vibration in a given time has a reason, a reason that is understood by spirit, sound will know what to do, light language codes know exactly what you need, you can just surrender to the flow and receive it!


"I have had my first experience of quantum balance with the wonderful Valeria. It was my first time and I didn't really know what it was about. Now, once finished, I must confess that it has been one of the most beautiful and healing experiences I have had lately. Valeria is a beautiful and loving being of light who guides you throughout the session with her loving and sweet voice, she makes you feel that you are in a safe space. Calm and full of light. I had no expectations when I started. And I have to say that it has exceeded all my expectations. I felt incredibly good. I felt like I released a lot of patterns. I recommend it and of course in a while I will do it again." María José T.

Price 111usd, 1:30 hour zoom call
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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