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Guardians Astrology
Welcome to a new astrology for starseeds! This was designed by following the teachings from the Guardians regarding the Organic Sacred Geometry, the corrected tilt of the earth, the corrected solar system and the 12 stargates and 12 dimensions! We have been working together in order to deliver this amazing reading! 

This is not like any astrology for starseeds that you have seen, to be clear, this is following a Heliocentric perspective (but not the traditional one, as we corrected the sacred geometry), usual Heliocentric astrology considers 60° arc angles , which is inorganic geometry. 
At the same time, this is not siddereal astrology.

Heliocentric consists in observing from the bigger perspective, the whole solar system, the 12 stargates from "outside", while Geocentric is from the perspective of the earth, I believe both are complementaries (My Galactic Astrology Reading follows geocentric), we are beings that need different perspectives in order to integrate our complete selves, our soul, oversoul, different aspects and to help with our evolution and ascension. 
That said, I believe Heliocentric perspective is going to be more and more used in the future! As is the most align with this epoch (Solar Epoch)

Rudolf Steiner: "Is it not all the more remarkable that in the prevailing consciousness of men who pondered on such things at all, this work-conception — heliocentric, as we may call it, — thereafter vanished and was supplanted by that of Ptolemy? Till, with the rise of the new epoch in civilisation, known to us as the Fifth post-Atlantean, the heliocentric idea comes forth again, which we have found prevailing among such men as Aristarchus in the 3rd Century B.C.! (For you will readily believe that what held good for Aristarchus, held good for many people of this time.) Moreover if you are able to study the evolution of mankind's spiritual outlook — though it is difficult to prove by outer documents — you will find this heliocentric conception of the World the more widely recognised by those who counted in such matters, the farther you go back from Aristarchus into more distant times. Go back into the Epoch we are wont to call the Third post-Atlantean, and it is true to say that among those who were the recognised authorities the heliocentric conception prevailed during the Epoch."

This follow the Organic Sacred Geometry and is astrology for starseeds, for galactic lineages, for the 12 stargates, the good names are already taken, that is why we chose this name (Guardians Astrology <3), but rest assured that this is coming from the deepest starseed knowledge in spiritual science, stargates, constellations, star systems and more. Created from starseeds for starseeds!

This is a written report with information about:
-Your incarnations on different star systems from the corrected solar system (for example, here Nibiru, Maldek have a specific place, the moon is not considered) 
-Specific stargates you used to come here (There are specific imprints from that, which I can see in your chart), we often used 3 or more stargates to come to the earth
-Stargate that you are guarding from this incarnation
-Plus more interpretations considering 12 stargates and the perspective of dimensions of earth, planets and universal star systems
You can learn about the universal, galactic and earthly perspectives of a stargate in this video:
You can learn about the universal, galactic and earthly perspectives of a stargate in this video:
Purchase (investment is 222 usd)

-If you already had a galactic astrology reading with me, I can tell you how both readings relate to each other, as we are working with 2 different (complementary and needed) perspectives here. 

-I am going to explain to you your 12 alignments (12 specific celestial bodies), how they relate to stargates, the stargates you used to come to this incarnation and more details on your galactic heritage.

-If you resonate with what I share about the 12 stargates you will resonate with this reading <3

If you want to receive this reading plus the 15D Cosmic Akashic Records, you can buy the discounted package HERE (at only 350 usd for both)
If you want to know when my course about Guardians Astrology is open, you can register here!:


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You can sign up for the waiting list for my course on this type of astrology (which involves spiritual science and understanding aspects of the different planes and the numbers and degrees involved) this course is going to be able only for people that participate in the Galactic Priestess Training, as we need to understand a lot about spiritual science in order to understand this type of astrology, so if you are interested I recommend you start by signing up for the training, so when the course enrollment is opened you already studied some of the material.

More about this reading!:

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-Heliocentric (we need this perspective in order to follow the corrected solar system & 12 stargates).

-Corrected with organic sacred geometry (aka bye 60 degree if you know what I mean, if you don´t, you will learn it in the course!).

-Corrected solar system with 12 celestial bodies.

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