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Repair and activation of DNA
This is a course with information and exercises that you can follow at your pace to ensure that your DNA, both the DNA blueprint and active strands are at their maximum potential and will continue to assemble correctly in the future. I use my knowledge in spiritual science and other spiritual technologies, in this course we only work with Source God, guardian beings and angels (for golden DNA), but I do not work with other beings, this is pure spiritual science and its mechanics.
-Recovering DNA that we lost in other people (e.g. ex-partners) and/or laboratories (DNA test and similar)
-Absorption tools for DNA, its protection
-Working with DNA repair
-Activate and assemble the 12 strands of DNA, each one and its union organically in perfect time
-How to use your "light language" in DNA repair
-Bonus: Golden DNA of God, full activation for DNA
-Understanding how the 12 strands of DNA work

These are tools, some automatic in which you only need to receive, and others in which you will be a proactive participant in the repair of your DNA, understanding how the process works and why we do what we do.

By performing these exercises you will no longer have doubts about whether your DNA is working correctly.
Healthy DNA at its full potential is key to ascension, whether physical or non-physical, also for our psychic abilities, we can only go so far with our claris depending on how our DNA is functioning!
Investment: only 1 payment of 222usd
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