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15D Cosmic Akashic Records

spiritual science + certification

Whether you already read akashic records or if it's your first time! This is a course to learn how to read akashic records in general, and oriented to starseeds, going in detail to galactic origins. What makes this certification special is that it is based on my knowledge of spiritual science, you will have a solid foundation to read akashic records in an orderly way, following an structure, giving the most clear possible reading available for starseeds, meaning that what you find in the records, has a meaning that you understand within the structure we live on and your clients can benefit from what you give them, they are not going to receive a lot of ungrounded information, but something that makes sense, things being from beyond this dimension don´t imply they should not make sense! We are ready to embody our soul, oversoul and avatar aspect in this lifetime!

I explain what are the dimensions, densities, the model of 15 dimensions, DNA, DNA strands, different types of potential of strands to activate, time line of the earth and before the earth, important events, stargates, lists of beings and their associated dimensions based in my experience and readings and much more.


PDF manual with ordered information (18 pages)

List of suggested questions to ask the akashic records to do a reading

Charts with options for the pendulum

Access to the online platform with videos, information and spaces for your questions

Soon we will have a live Q&A

Examples on how I ask questions

Extra material for your clairs and for you to tap into the records

I am always updating the couse with my findings!

I share all my information from my experience doing readings to hundreds of star seeds plus my knowledge of spiritual science.

With this certification in akashic records you will be able to access your own akashic records, ask your questions safely and add them to your spiritual tools to read a other people, from a solid base, feeling sure of what you deliver, of what you perceive and transmitting this security to your clients.

*A minimum of three months is recommended to complete the course, since the information is very advanced and it may take a while for your body to assimilate it, after which you can request your certification.

This is an online course that you can take at your own pace, once registered you will have access to the material instantly, you can leave your questions and I will answer them dedicatedly.

Regular price is 444 usd only one payment

You can access this course for FREE by signing up to the Galactic Priestess Mystery School, you can learn more here
*No refunds

You are going to be able to guide yourself and/or your clients on themes as are:
-How to make choices in the day to day life and important choices, by working with timelines.
-Important galactic lives of yours on each of 12 dimensions (including Seraphim, Elohim, Aramatena, Emerald order and more) plus the state of those aspects, level of integration for example of your pleadian being, gifts, karma related with that aspect.
-State of your 12 inner stargates; each galactic and universal stargates  have its equivalent in our bodies, I talk about that in THIS VIDEO, how healthy is each inner stargate and which galactic/starseed aspects they are associated with, what is that aspect dealing with, the blockage, gift, percentage of integration inyourself, lives of yours in specific planets like venus and how that relates to those stargates.
-15 Dimension sound and light fields ancient origin (if it applies)
-Councils and guides you work with 
-Indigo and which type
-DNA: number of activated strands, potential of strands you came with, which strand are you activating now, state of the assembling between DNA strands.
-State of your merkaba, rotation, and which phase you are working on.
-12 original tribes, which one you were first incarnated on and your related past lives, plus how this relates to the stargate that you are guarding.
-Past lives on earth 
-Part of your mission on earth
-Your current frequency level
-Stargates that you used to came here
-If you signed for actual ascension

More themes that are included:
-Ancient Galactic History
-15 Dimensions
-Star beings and my findings relating them to bodies, dimensions, and DNA
-DNA, types of DNA, groups of starseeds, earthseeds, indigos, from 3 strand potential to 12 and beyond that for indigos.
-Case study with DNA + my findings when it comes to DNA
-Checking the merkaba
-Stargates and tribes
-Dowsing on a precise way
, without doubt or mistakes
-Protection for the readings
-Difference between receiving from the heart, the crown and the root
-Plus my advice on many aspects for the perfect Cosmic Akashic Records reading based in my experience, based in your questions, based in my review on your final reports for certification, based in what the Guardians tell me, and any interesting experience that I have when doing readings.


You can go to the sales page and see the complete curriculum
1)why do I need an akashic records course if I am already able to do it? A part of me wants this, but a part of me feels that I should not, because I know I tap in the akasha easily.

If you already tap in the akasha that is a good starting point! now you are going to learn more about the history, dimensions, how this works, how to deliver a reading that is useful, well organized and complete for another person and you are going to feel prepared and knowing what you are doing, that self-confidence is going to be reflected on your reading. I  have noticed that readings for starseeds are often ungrounded, like only taping into aspects and that in the end is not that much helpful, nor applicable, the idea of this reading is to enlight your soul, yes, but also to give you tools and concrete guidance so that understanding your starseed aspects help you directly with ascension and with your day to day.

2) Is Valeria going to answer my specific questions in this course?

Yes! You can ask your questions in the comment section of the platform, plus we have live Q&A every certain months, you are going to receive an e-mail when that is going to happen and the opportunity to send all your questions before the class. 

3) For how long do I have access to the material?
Once you register you have lifetime access.

4) Does it cover the basics of the akashic records?
It does! I did not want to make a level 1 and level 2 akashic records course, as I am a giver and I love to deliver the most in the same place for people that invest in my courses! But this course leads you with grace from the basics on the akashic records, understanding timelines, how to ask questions, how to receive guidance through clairs, into the starseed material and then into deep spiritual science and DNA!

5) Ok, lets talk business, I know I want to know all those things about myself, but it seems expensive for only self-knowledge, what if then there is not a market of people interested on starseeds and even deeper on DNA themes, lineages, stargates information from the Guardian Material.

Self knowledge: priceless

Reading to others: you can charge at least 222 usd per reading and the sky is the limit, you will have access to the records to ask God what is the price you should charge right now and you will recover your investment quickly, for example by doing 2 readings that will help you practice as well you will recover your investment! All the rest will be profit for the rest of your life.

Most people that come to this reading with me do so because they are very interesting on knowing the state of their inner stargates, which stargate they are connected to out of 12 and which tribe they were seeded first, here we see locations and stargates on Earth, how they are serving the physical stargate on earth as well as the  galactic star system counterpart, also because of the DNA and merkaba evaluation, truth is that more and more people on the spiritual community are awakening to the fact that DNA is the key for ascension and is not only a new age concept, goes beyond that, and relates to our capacity to activate our psychic gifts, what we can and can not perceive and create, same with merkaba, receiving activations, solar flares, takes a toll on the physical body, especially when our merkaba is not working properly!

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