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15D Cosmic Akashic Records

spiritual science + certification

Whether you already read akashic records or if it's your first time! This is a course to learn how to read akashic records in general, and oriented to starseeds, going in detail to galactic origins. What makes this certification special is that it is based on my knowledge of spiritual science, you will have a solid foundation to read akashic records in an orderly way, meaning that what you find in the records, has a meaning that you understand within the structure we live on and your clients can benefit from what you give them.

I explain what are the dimensions, densities, the model of 15 densities, DNA, DNA strands, different types of potential of strands to activate, time line of the earth and before the earth, important events, stargates, lists of beings and their associated dimensions based in my experience and readings and much more.


PDF manual with ordered information (18 pages)

List of suggested questions to ask the akashic records to do a reading

Charts with options for the pendulum

Access to the online platform with videos, information and spaces for your question

Soon we will have a live Q&A

I am always updating the couse with my findings!

I share all my information from my experience doing readings to hundreds of star seeds plus my knowledge of spiritual science.

With this certification in akashic records you will be able to access your own akashic records, ask your questions safely and add them to your spiritual tools to read a other people, from a solid base, feeling sure of what you deliver, of what you perceive and transmitting this security to your clients.

*A minimum of three months is recommended to complete the course, since the information is very advanced and it may take a while for your body to assimilate it, after which you can request your certification.

This is an online course that you can take at your own pace, once registered you will have access to the material instantly, you can leave your questions and I will answer them dedicatedly.

1 payment of 350 usd or
2 payments of 222 usd each
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