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The lesson of a “false” twin flame & my experience

For me, a False twin flame means someone that you thought was your twin flame, and then you realized it was not, this person could have acted as a heart opener for you, some people call them pre twin flame because after this person, they have met their actual person, and the first experience helped them to be ready for their actual twin flame.

In any case, the lesson from a false twin flame is always about deep self-love, about not being with someone only because you think is your twin flame, or because you have deep feelings if you sense in your heart that something is off.

My experience was that I deeply wanted to follow god´s will, and I felt that god´s will was for me to be with the person that was supposedly my twin flame, I really tried to accommodate myself and my reality into that person, because I wanted to make god happy and be responsible with my mission.

Until I realized that this way of thinking implied that I was experiencing god as something separated for me, with a different will than mine, how could that be possible? I started to connect with source, with my inner source, to feel the infinite love, and the lesson appeared crystal clear before my eyes, I needed to learn this from experience, it did not matter how many times I could read that we are one with source, I needed to experience it.

It is quite common in different twin flame communities to talk about God´s will as separate from one´s will, which can be dangerous if we are not specific enough with the implications of that.

Remember, never feel bad because of a false twin flame experience, this is an experience that we planned, to learn the most important lesson of this lifetime by experience, and not by just reading it somewhere, once you uncover a false twin flame, you are ready for your next step in evolution, be it to meet your actual twin flame if it is on earth, or continue your ascension.

A False twin flame initiation guides you to experience the true nature of god/source and feel as one with it.


Please notice: My bookings for twin flame readings have been closed, but feel free to reach out if you need to book a session (I felt a need for the readings again in this collective 😊)

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