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Soul lesson or soul deconstructor?

At some point in our spiritual journey we learn that challenging experiences and people are meant to help us evolve, so, we embrace the hidden lesson in a situation, because if we try to control everything from our ego, we could miss the lessons, not the end of the world, but when we keep avoiding soul lessons it really becomes harder to align with our soul path and to embody our soul essence.

So, the question is, when a challenging situation is helping us grow and when it is mostly consuming our soul, draining us.

What i have notice is that for this cases the diminishing returns law applies, it says that, at the beginning when you keep investing in something the rate of profit goes up, but, at a certain point when you keep investing into that, the return diminishes progressively.

Do you get the analogy? When we are in a challenging situation at the beginning we learn the lessons, we benefit from that situation, but at a certain point if we keep in this situation we start to feel worse and worse, we start to forget our soul, who we are, and we star to live out of alignment, this is the case, for example, for relationships and jobs that are not for our highest good, but more for a specific learning.

So, sometimes when we learn a lesson the external situation changes, because we changed on the inside, but sometimes we need to DO something in the external to change that situation, it is really important to know when to act and when we should leave a hard situation, relationship, job, place and so on.

It comes a point in our journey when we can really know the EXACT MOMENT in which we crossed this point, this threshold, when this experience that was helping us grow is now making us feel bad, stagnant, low.

And at this point we can take action and leave this situation.

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