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Is your will different from source´s/god´s will? (Twin flames & more)

These thoughts have come after some moments of “enlightenment” and I felt inspired to share them today (this has to do with our source blueprint and my story with a false twin flame).

For some months I was wondering if the person that I thought was my twin flame was, if my twin flame was on earth, I wondered about that a lot, I paid for readings with different people and twin flame experts, received different and varied information.

Until I realized that the “correct” question was, do I want this person to be my twin flame? do I want my twin flame to be on earth now? do I want to experience twin flame ascension on this lifetime? Is it enough that we look a lot alike? When did my heart´s will go to the background in favor of a separate more important will? When we act from the last one, reality feels hanging by a thread, I wonder how many people maybe feel like this, doing a job, being with a person because they think its their twin flame, because someone said that if you are not with your twin physically you are not yet with god.

When I connected to my inner source, the infinite love, and started to embody it, soon the truth was manifested in the external, he was not my twin, it was crystal clear.

If you have experienced source´s love you know that you are allowed to follow your calling, our ego makes us believe that our desires are wrong, not worth the effort, that god wants something different for us, being with your twin flame may easily be a byproduct of source alignment, as it is living from your mission, living in abundance, being healthy, etc, etc or whatever HEAVEN MEANS FOR YOU, do not let anyone tell you how heaven should look or how you should live.

Your destiny and blueprint feel EXPANSIVE AND DIVINE.

If you chose twin flame ascension timeline, it might be painful to be separated with your twin, but it does not have to! Kundalini sovereignty is the answer, feel the pain, feel the love, expand, realize that you are always one and experience your heaven on earth.

Our reality is a lot more malleable than we think.

I have never been a fan of law of attraction, manifestation techniques, etc

But I experienced the essence of reality and as it is a simple projection, we can create what our heart wants, period.

We can experience shared stuff as collectives IE twin flame dynamics, physical ascension, evolution through planets, etc, depending on what we resonate with as we enter those timelines that we invest a lot of ourselves into, consciousness projection does not end when we leave 3d earth, unless we want it to.

My reality became interesting, a new canvas, no more shoulds, no more trying to follow god´s will as if it were separate from my heart´s, no more guilt, no more fear as karma is the result of acting out of alignment with my heart and nothing else. I realized that my heart has all the answers.


- -

*You can adquire the Divine Source Blueprint activation HERE (available in english and spanish)

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