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sacred sexuality training

I moved from feeling ashamed of my sexuality, feeling dirty after different abuses (+ rape), to feel deeply in love with my yoni, breasts, feel the divine through my physical body and experience oneness with God/Source through my orgasms.

If you feel disconnection or shame regarding your feminine anatomy, sexual blocks, if you don´t know how to go deeper, how to experience self-pleasure, without the need of a partner, or maybe fear regarding your sexuality and pleasure in general, creative blocks, you don´t experience divine orgasms (or you really forced yourself to experience them), you don´t understand your own anatomy, and/or feel resistance to heal sexual trauma and connect with self-touch regarding your yoni, breasts, clitoris, etc…Let me introduce you:

Pilgrimage w/ the goddess training: 6 months, 6 goddesses, 6 archetypes of the divine feminine, 6 sacred places and their akashic records, Sexual healing and sexual pleasure techniques focused on 6 areas of the female anatomy (probably more).

Do you resonate with this?

-I feel shame in my body, to get to the sexual part, I feel discontent with my body, sexual energy feels stagnant, I know there is a blockage, but I don't know what is blocking and that frustrates me. I would like to love my body more, because I love it little, I feel disconnected from the body.

-I feel ashamed for beliefs I received from religion, from my family, that sex is negative or for a certain type of woman, trauma due to sexualization, sexuality in unsacred forms, lack of intimacy, people in my family or strangers giving their opinion about me physical body, exposure.
-I would like to create in fluidity, I feel that I control a lot and I do not flow in life, I would like to feel in a state of fluidity, to be able to create without guilt, judgment, or control, without perfectionism, without my creation having to be perfect.

-I know that the goddesses, mothers, like Maria are there, but I feel interference in connecting with them.

-My sensuality is wanting to come out, but I am afraid that it will be distorted if I am not in my center, there are thin lines of sexuality in the social and cultural sphere.

-My responsibilities, adult life, routine, children, etc. do not allow me to give myself the space or intimacy to connect with my sexuality, I usually give myself scheduled times and they don't work, I can't relax, flow, or go very deep.

-I have had experiences in which my light energy was damaged, I was giving away part of myself, People took advantage of me, I did not feel proud about it, but did not have idea, now I know better and want to hold myself in compassion and I want to go back to myself, regain my confidence and creativity, and who I am.

-My creations, manifestations and/or money are blocked, I begin to see movement, and it stagnates and does not come to fruition.

-I want to experience pleasure in my life and sexuality, but I also feel guilty about it.


Key points of the training:

-Basis of energy psychic protection and cleansing of the sacral chakra to make this journey safely.

-Heal creative energy and sexual energy from the sacral chakra, shame, fear of expressing feminine energy, creative and manifestation blocks.

-Female anatomy.

-Sacred sexuality, healing of different organs of the female anatomy.

-Heal with HERtory of akashic records of different sacred places.

-Female pleasure, orgasms, yoni egg, yoni crystal wands.

-Work with different goddesses.

-Work with feminine archetypes that are sometimes in shadow, from the heart chakra and the love of God/source/universe.

-Work with rose oil.

-This is an ONLINE training.

The detailed program is below

About Valeria

I have spent the last few years working on spirituality, the galactic, starseeds, spiritual science teachings, and the arts of the priestesses as part of the Rose Lineage. A very important pillar for me, and that has allowed me to heal and create fluently everything my heart wants, is working with my sexual energy, the embodiment of different archetypes of my divine feminine and connecting with my self-pleasure, free from shame or restrictions.

Some of the things I have healed related to this are:

-Breast surgery due to a tumor, loss of sensitivity, scars.

-Sexual abuse, rape.

-Painful bleeding.

-False diagnosis Polycystic ovary and misuse of drugs (birth control pills).

All these situations, although dense, led me to my awakening of the divine feminine, I had my first apparition of Virgin Mary, when I was waiting for the diagnosis of my tumor, and she told me that everything would be fine, and so it was.

After experiencing different abuses and taking advantage of men who were more or less close to me, I realized how important it is to heal beyond the mental and emotional, work with the physical body, womb, yoni, g-spot, since a lot of trauma is kept and stored there, also imprints of forced sexual situations, and also from the energetic, with our sacral chakra, which registers those things.

Things that people who participate in my courses and 1:1 sessions often say:

"I don't know how you managed to get me to this state, to go so deep, to be so calm, at peace, and to receive these visions of other worlds."

Content of this Training

Month 1: Mary Magdalene, Womb, sacral chakra, manifestation, creative energy and kundalini, archetype: Creatrix, France.

Month 2: Hera, Yoni and Clitoris, shame, cleansing of sexual imprints, forgiveness, healing abuse, rape, energy protection, cleansing and removing sexual energy from past sexual partners, G-spot cleansing, yoni egg, archetype: Erotic Innocence, Greece. Restoring your yoni to its original plane, prior to experiencing distortion, premature penetration, conditioning, etc.Nymph.

Month 3: Virgin Mary, Breasts, vestas, immaculate conception, purification, sovereignty, archetype: The Virgin, Italy.

Month 4: Aphrodite, G-spot, orgasm and female ejaculation, Amrita, beauty, self-love, love for our physical body, the siren, the throat related to the female anatomy, sensorium and rituals, self-pleasure, Sacred Enchantress ( + sacred sorcerer and enchanter), Cyprus.

Month 5: Isis (and Sekhmet), Ovaries, holy rage, setting boundaries, not being the compliant woman, the people pleaser or the good girl, archetype: the Wild Woman, Egypt.

Month 6: Inanna, Cervix, multiple orgasm, orgasm and connection to God/source/all, devotion to HER, your yoni as oracle, devotion to your body, archetype: the Sacred Prostitute/Whore, Mesopotamia.


yoni egg and healing

Some of the things you will experience thanks to this course:

-Reconnection with your sexual pleasure (this course is oriented for solo practices, although some of them can be adapted to practice with your partner).

-Forgive the past, return to love your physical body, your yoni, breasts.

-Cleanse debris from past sexual encounters completely.

-Unlock your creativity, manifestation, open yourself to receive abundance, create without pressure, without judgment, flow in different artistic expressions and self-expression, flow in life.

-Set clear boundaries, not be the good girl, the complacent woman, do not be the people pleaser, use discernment while living trustingly in life and with an open heart.

-Express anger in ways aligned with universal love, don't get sick from holding onto it.

-Feel pleasure (not only sexually, but in your life in general).

-Knowing that you do not owe explanations to anyone and more security in following your heart.

-Experience the mother's love, to know that you are held by her, always, regardless of what has happened in relation to your physical mother on earth.

-Experience all this from the path of enlightenment and unity with God, source, with everything and the open-heart chakra, without accumulating bad karma.

- See things on the mundane plane in a more sacred, empowered way, as a goddess.

-Take back your sacred innocence, it is your birthright, and embody it.

-Learn the difference between being people pleaser versus being one with the source.

How does this work

*We will meet twice a month by zoom (on Sundays), if you cannot attend, don't worry, you will always receive the recordings.Iam going to visit one country per month and its sacred places and from there I will share from the akasha.

1)In one session I will open the akashic records of the sacred places, I will tell you about HERtory, from the part and voice of the different goddesses taht we will work with, I will receive messages from the records for our group.

2)In between, you will be able to work on your own with the sacred sexuality exercises that I will upload to the platform.

3)The next session will be for you to ask your questions and we will do some group exercises, ceremonies, rituals, etc.

You will receive:

-Access to the telegram group, access to a loving sisterhood with CLEAR BOUNDARIES FOR ALL.

-Access to the platform with videos, meditations, PDFs, recommended bibliography.

-Info from the akashic records of sacred places, the history told by HER, info from

my sources, my experience working with different archetypes, info about the

goddesses, sacred sexuality practices and more.

-We start in September 2023.



Early bird price (until September 3rd)

A single payment: 1200 usd

Three payments: 433 usd

Six payments: 222 usd

Regular price:

1400 usd

You can sign up only until september 10th

Frequent questions

1) How is this different from other courses?

My archetypes and information do not come from a copy paste from the internet, or books, they are based on my experiences and how each archetype has awakened in me and how I have experienced it and my personal experiences with different goddesses and expressions of the divine feminine.

I have experienced myself abuse, rape, shame, and more related with my sexuality, so I get you, I will never judge you nor show pitty.

2) Do you follow teachings of a particular lineage?

The rose speaks in symbology, the mysteries of the rose are embodied on our bodies, because it has not been safe to record this information on physical books, the rose is very smart, she is going to protect herself and her wisdom.

I am sharing sacred sexuality healing and self-pleasure techniques that I received from my venusian lineage, also from some sources that I will share in the course, but I want to be clear that I do not follow a particular traditional lineage (except for some specific themes of Taoism, but I feel like this only gets you so far), my lineage is from the Rose and from Venus.


3) Why I should care about these themes?

This is the type of work that you will have to do at some point in your spiritual and healing path, sexual healing is the basis for creating, living in grounding, emotional healing, psychic abilities and many more things that allow you to unlock such as abundance, real self love, the ability to be in the present moment, to flow, to receive and more.

4) How does all this relate to the spiritual?

Some people perceive sexuality, self-pleasure, as separate from sexuality, but sacred sexuality IS spirituality, sexual energy is kundalini energy and life force, purification of sexual energy which helps enlightenment, embodying our divinity from the source, in fact, high sexual energy is common in healers, priests and priestesses.

5) How will Valeria visiting sacred sites benefit me?

You do not need to physically go to the sacred places to access the energy, because of quantum entanglement, the symbols and activations received and stored from those sites transfer their power from a distance. At the same time, when we receive activations from certain places, countries, sites, etc., it becomes much more likely that we will physically visit them soon if that is what our soul wants.

For example, I have taken trainings taught by people that live on Hawaii to receive the activations that I needed from the mother at Kauai, without traveling there.

6) Do I need experience to participate in this training?

I am working with HER always, that means that if you were guided to this program, that is because you are ready on all levels, just trust HER and trust yourself.


*Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or a doctor, if you feel you need any of these specialists it is your responsibility to connect with them.

**If you have any questions you can write to me at

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