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Galactic Astrology plus Asteroids
Get the benefit from adding asteroids to your reading, plus my guidance on how your asteroids relate to your galactic lives, starseed aspects and fixed stars.

Asteroids are amazing! They can tell you exactly about past lives, places and cultures where you have lived, goddesses you have worked with, or that you are meant to embody in this life, for example, past lives in Egypt, relation with Hathor, and that related to some of your galactic aspects, as I work with Galactic Priestesses Arts, I can tell you how your past lives in civilizations on earth relate to your galactic aspects and even if you have been part of specific priesthoods, for example, priestess of Isis, Aphrodite, and different lineages. 
Asteroids also can tell you exact words related to your mission on earth, and things that would be beneficial for you to learn and do, for example, herbalism, astrology, poetry, medicine, etc, as you can see, I can develop a clear vission of your life linking the asteroids and that also with the fixed stars understanding the picture of what you are meant to do in this life, places you could visit, lineages that you have been in, marks related to priesthoods, specific names of people, places, activities, and esoteric lineages.

This includes everything that the Standard Galactic Astrology Includes, plus asteroids and guidance on how the asteroids relate with you as a starseed (I have access to more than 20,000 asteroids! Asteroids add clarity, specificity and fun to the reading!)
This is a written report of 20 pages or more
Investment: 333 usd
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