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This session happens offline, I will first do the akashic healing and quantum healing on your field, I will record it as audio, in this healing i use my toolkit for quantum healing, in some cases i will include in the audio body movement, breathwork, or nervous system work for you to do once i deliver the audio so that you can completely leave the debri. after that i will do distance healing through the holy spirit, then i will channel some messages about the healing and your new timeline or suggestions. You will receive an audio plus an email with what i received for you. expect to receive your healing in app one week.

This healing is exclusive for Leaving a situation of abuse: this is an exclusive, more affordable tier only for people that are in a situation of abuse and feel trapped, for example, being with an abusive partner, family, shelter and similar ones, after this you will be guided on how to leave that situation.

1:1 Abuse Holy Quantum Healing

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