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Fly, Flow and Follow 
(the holy spirit)
Free online event, when? june 8th at 11 am EST
Welcome light worker! this is a free one-day event in which you are literally changing the trajectory of your life, how? By using my tool Holy Quantum Healing. I will guide you through the different steps and pillars I use for myself and clientes with Holy Quantum Healing and I will tap into the collective of people that register for the masterclass, to release blockages that are not allowing you to fly and flow, basically, what is keeping you stuck, stagnant energies. 

This is beyond a nice reset in the middle of the year, this is the reset of your whole life, I can tell you, using the techniques of Holy QUantum Healing has changed my life in all areas for good, I don´t see why it would not happen for you. We will change a core strategic program from the akashic records.

Why to follow the Holy Spirit? 
I started to hear everyday a voice telling me "follow the holy spirit" , at first I tried to be aware of doves, angel numbers, feathers...until I realized it was so much profound...

I was trapped , in a  vicious circle or loop, if I took option A I was not honoring my soul, if I chose option B I was at real danger  ,so I chose for a little while to be in between, that is where stagnation comes from. Until I realized..spirit can take me out of this situation with ease and grace, I started to follow it, I was provided with all I needed along  my way, I learned the lesson: The more I surrendered to the spirit, the safest I was, it is not safe to mid-jum, you jump and surrender or you don´t and continue not honorinig your soul.

Nothing more dangerous than the in between (4d), half following God, half being stubborn 
You are not with mases complaciendo the system, nor you are 100% following the holy spirit/God's guidance that knows what's the best for you (5d) , 4d is where chaos lies. 
Its been through my own stubbornness that I have learned that not following God only results in unnecessary pain and unnecessary karma. Though you can always choose different and have a RESET
Pillars of Holy Quantum Healing
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