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Galactic Priestess Revealed
Free 3-day event for starseed embodiment
galactic priestess starseed embodiment.png
A journey and transformation for you to start integrating your physical body and feminine-priestesses arts into your starseed self.

At the end of this you will be embodied in your third eye-womb connection, feel more secure to use your psychic gifts, understand what happens with the galactic/starseed themes after enlightenment and had been practiced a galactic ritual and body practice to connect deeper with stars from earth.
Day 1
The Galactic after enlightenment: God and the Galactic, Galactic Body Prayer, Galactic History by a Galactic Priestess
Day 2
Priestess Activation for Starseeds: Divine feminine womb activation for Starseed and third eye enhancement
Day 3
Advanced work for starseeds: Galactic Priestess Ritual, Astrology with Corrected sacred geometry and more

Expect also: Giveaways, discounts (not for galactic body prayer), more surprises, free meditations in the platform and a lot of fun!
When? July 26th, 27th and 28th at 12 pm EST
You are invited
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When you register you will receive an e-mail with a link for a free platform in which you will find material and replays of the event. The replays are going to be available for free for only 1 week after the event. You will also receive the direct zoom link if you don´t want to join the platform.
About your guide:
Valeria is a pioneer in bringing starseed/galactic themes into the physical body through priestesses arts, rituals and body movement (aka galactic body prayer), she has the specific mission of bringing the Galactic Priestess ® teachings back to Earth.
She has been working with starseeds for years mainly through readings of galactic heritage, akashic records and galactic astrology. She has also been serving as priestess of the Rose lineage for years and experienced a kundalini awakening which leaded to enlightenment and learnt about God´s perspective and will when it comes to the galactic and starseed themes.
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