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Atlantean Business Incubator

I know how you receive different flashes, ideas about your mission, you know that you have a specific mission, but you do not know exactly which is, you do not how to deliver your soul´s gift and you ´d love the guidance of someone that already experienced that, you feel like sometimes you are near your soul´s potential and best timeline, and suddenly that falls.

You can feel your mission, but it is not happening fast enough, the path is not clear, something feels off or is missing, maybe you are transitioning from your work into a soul´s based business, or maybe you started your soul aligned business but is has not been working, you know you need a quantum leap... here is when I enter!!

I have the gift of being able to see where you are meant to be, your gifts, what you planned for this incarnation, your soul´s codes and blueprint! Here I talk with your higher self/avatar aspect and guides in order to receive guidance of how you can be in your highest available timeline, what you need to cleanse, heal, change, take action and so on.

You will be anchored in your best timeline related with your mission after our session, and, if you follow the suggestions, in 40 days you will see the difference in your life.

This is an energetic container with me! I will hold the energetic space as I know how it looks like to know and live your exact mission and place on earth, I will guide you in two online sessions, plus I will share with you my guided meditation for soul´s mission (Which I also used in myself)

 You are one important part of the new earth, the new coming of Atlantis, you are here because you wanted to share something and be in this important event, the reconstruction of Atlantis, the spiritual and divine anchored on earth and coexisting peacefully, all it takes is to remember and realign yourself

If you feel that NOW is the moment for you to serve from love, not pressure, not self judgment, nor restrictive injunctions this is your place!!

This is a 40 day container!

Ancient texts talked about quarantines because it was a time of purification, building momentum, you need at least 40 days in order to really integrate something new


This is why I designed this coaching, which consists in two sessions with me, you will receive your first session, then wait 15 days and receive the second one, after that you will still be able to write questions to my e-mail

It includes:

2 zoom sessions with me (Feminine energetic and masculine/structure tips, money frequency, plus all about your blueprint and mission, timelines available)

My guided meditation (I suggest listening for 40 days)

40 days from the moment you purchase in which my guides will be with you and you can send your questions related with your business and mission into my e-mail.


-One time payment of 600 usd 

*This will be on discount al february, 2023 at 555usd 



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